Access Control Security Systems Mackay

Manage entry into your business or company with the latest access control security system from Roy Powell Security in Mackay.

Access control systems are more than your usual lock and key. When you lose or have a key stolen, often locks need to be changed and new keys have to be cut for those who need entry. With an electronic system, cards or fobs can be immediately barred access if they are lost and a new one can be programmed.

As well as allowing swipe card entry, access control security systems integrate security monitoring and alarms. This will allow our back-to-base monitoring station in Paget to respond to any alarms being set off by someone trying to access or tamper with the entry point.

Access - Security Service in Paget, QLD

There are a large range of access control security system products including:

For added convenience, most access control systems can be remotely monitored in the palm of your hand through a mobile application. To discuss the benefits of adding an access control system to your security measures, contact us today.