Closed circuit security cameras for homes and businesses

Monitor your home or business while you’re away with the latest video surveillance system from Roy Powell Security in Mackay.

Everyday family homes, businesses and companies now use closed circuit television (CCTV) security cameras to deter any illegal activity such as vandalism or break-ins. To help decrease the risk of this happening to your property, we install cameras in spots where they can be seen.

In the event a break in or crime has occurred on your premise, the captured footage can be handed to authorities as evidence. Commercial security cameras may also be used to monitor employees and customers.

CCTV - Security Service in Paget, QLD

We install a wide range of analog and Internet Protocol (IP) models, including:

  • Turret cameras
  • Fixed box cameras
  • Positioning cameras
  • Fixed dome cameras
  • Fixed bullet cameras
  • PTZ (Pan, tilt & zoom) cameras

With a network or digital video recorder, you can store and document captured footage or audio. 

Speak to our team about installing security cameras on your property today.